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The Golden Shining New Century Grand Hotel Beihai (Beihai Jinchang Kaiyuan Mingdu Dajiudian) is a vacation hotel located on Jinhai'an Avenue,  only a 5-minute drive from the Silver Beach resort.    This luxury hotel boasts well-appointed guest rooms with state-of-the-art amenities and are tastefully designed and decorated. The deluxe executive floor offers breath-taking sea view for each guest.

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  • doublesa
    International shipping terminal close to the North Sea, near from the beach, 3 bus to reach, the hotel also has a swimming pool.
  • Any one
    Overall OK, time to experience no other supporting facilities
  • da4001ry
    Mattress is comfortable, to praise, just staying air conditioning air-conditioning no, hotel come maintenance zhihou can has, has free swimming pool, also sent has Chinese coupons and bike loan coupons, to Weizhou island of Terminal on in Hotel behind, is convenient, walk 10 minutes not to, near North Sea Silver Beach attractions, just riding bike past! environment facilities also OK, breakfast varieties compared more, orange juice is now squeezed of not canned pour in of, milk also not rushed bubble of, good
  • andylai
    Great location across from the international ferry terminal, cost-effective non-holiday.
  • nerobaby
    Good! nice, very comfortable! comfortable surroundings!
  • e01057818
    This staying North Sea Jinchang Kaiyuan, is are no regrets. night 1.2 pounds of wide type steamed pomfret only 88, because daughter like eat cantaloupe sent of fruit is watermelon, small girl description has Hou on and sent has a small disc cantaloupe. back room are can see specially for children prepared of balloon and folding doll. This 5 days 4 late all of dinner problem except once wind plot other are in Hotel solution, no a meal over 150 of, and each are is eat left of. certainly weAn adult child. recommended [grinning] [grinning] [grinning]
  • cissy7249
    Hotel price, good service, breakfast variety, good taste Chinese restaurant on the second floor
  • clinton3689
    The last leg of the drive, but because the Hai Kou to MSC ferry was slowed only at night, the care of children swimming-pool is open till 23, it was very good, free upgrade of room, free of charge for extra beds, friendly staff, friendly, recommended staying next to the North Sea.
  • callling
    Hotel services were good, eat around quite easily.
  • benyu59884
    I live in a city view room air conditioning wind blows to the head, it's very unhealthy, I'm sure I'm not alone in this room, this is a lot of design flaws can be outlet suitable for cover when, otherwise wasted excellent facilities
  • ALT A
    Determine if this is a 5 star hotel in me ... a bit like an upgraded version of the Guest House.
  • cuiguangfu
    Hotel is great, the breakfast is also very good ... especially the hotel staff kindly, gracious. also volunteered to help us solve the problem ... great!
  • freyaran
    Great hotel good service
  • eddie_lv
    Kaiyuan is in my opinion the best of the five-star hotel, hardware, and service is an international five-star package. but these may be limited to the area of Jiangsu new century! this is my first experience outside the province of Songjiang, but very disappointing, mainly; 1, room small, irregular, not feeling well. 2, carpet, telephone is very old, dirty, bad maintenance, the unit has hair on top; 3, toilet not clean edges are stained, sickAnd you want to clean your own, very uncomfortable. 4, Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the vicinity of Songjiang general maintenance is well, belonging to luxury five-star. but live outside the province for the first time, feel the difference too much, at most five-star standards. or related to backward areas, it is the worst I lived Songjiang. but not on grounds of poor local economy, discount hotels in hardware and software, which harm the image of new century brand! 5, shower hand shower is small, round bar, goodOnce toilet also put things like lotion and condoms, the small hotel feel like a street, and the image really does not fit the five-star hotel. 6, the restaurant was too dirty, tables and chairs and old. from carpet to furniture, are stains, clean or not to clean up leftovers of traces, on the ground there before the guests with tissues ... Placemats are dirty greasy, guests feel right after the tap with cutlery set to go to the next guest, so affect the appetite. Breakfast and dinner in the hotelMeals, this is my health and the worst of Songjiang, no five-star level. restaurant staff clean up the dishes slowly, there is a still standing will not move for a long time, we can only wash dishes. cut salmon Cook too well ... 7, opened in only 4 years, such maintenance is a little worrying. Jinchang new century makes me doubt whether new century brand is real?! After staying at Shangri-La's, find the problem as much, than new century of service, the priceAlso high. really and related to local economic backwardness?! But I think that kind of star hotel brand, should not be reduced for any reason Hotel standards! damage brand image! I the hotel is always higher, hoping North Sea Jin Chang Songjiang can improve, new century also is the best in my heart, I wish once again to choose to trust, will also refer-a-friend option!
  • celestrial
    All are pretty good now is not the season feeling good
  • snowy1012
    Probably 30 minutes walk to the beach, 10 minutes to ferry terminal to hotel configuration feels five stars with a little reluctance, closer to 4 stars, service good, breakfast is good, we can see that operator's intentions, feel-good food in hotel bar
  • jetson
    Service in place
  • ivysun820511
    Recommended from the beach near, to dock in Weizhou island
  • e00085619
    Hotel also features an outdoor swimming pool, an only one waiter of floors to clean, only 2 to 4 points, with luggage in the lobby
  • angelet
    Other very good, air conditioning is too cold, children liable to catch cold, air conditioning is not lowered.
  • greensmile414
    The hotel is very clean, the rooms are nice, breakfast very good.
  • jianp
    Facilities at the hotel is very good, the service is also very active, enthusiastic ... close to the ferry port, walk five minutes without, convenient to the Weizhou island. not satisfied with the room was a bit small
  • aaapp2
    Service is very good, staff was good, although a little bit biased, but taxi very convenient
  • bigbigcany
    Rooms are clean and non-smoking floor, sea view room, away from the dock to walk 10 minutes, very convenient
  • candyge
    Friends feedback worked well
  • Binco
    Full well in the North Sea, after all, is a chain, several surrounding hotels are also delicious, except the North Sea side taxi is a rip-off
  • Bill007
    Environment, service, breakfast was good, the price is high
  • m00151562
    North Sea itself is small, is downtown price convenient of where. set of senior city King big bed, room spacious. provides Baby Slippers, is cute of small monkey. cafeteria of things also can, but Festival during people many, no scheduled 30 night in the restaurant and cafeteria are no eat. from Hotel 100 around has a seafood big row document, things is fresh also worth recommended. only insufficient of is, only outdoor pool, for five-star hotel for, is lacks of.
  • fly121008
    All right
  • janejane1201
    The decoration of the hotel is relatively new, service was good, room attendant will remind us that hot weather drink more water every day and we cooked a pot of boiling water, cool weather will also remind us to add more clothes, very intimate! hotel is only five minutes away from the dock to tourists on Weizhou Island day is also very convenient!
  • e01224900
    Away from Terminal is near, walk 10 minutes, this on second days morning will boat Shang island of we is convenient. zhiqian see said service bad of, also has worried, but we encountered of front desk is good, always smiling, free rose has Seaview room. night in Hotel eat of buffet, 1481 bit is General, said is France food section, I to, only blame I himself wants to too more. overall, food General, self breakfast no
  • jill19830555
    Really very good
  • jia0553
    Kaiyuan hotel management is well
  • e01470360
    Good, good ... next time will also be considered.
  • nmbtdr
    Musty wall paper off a service or good musty wall paper off a service or good
  • tany8579
    New decoration of hotel, lobby is beautiful, especially praise of is night 168 Yuan of buffet, chocolate pot, all kinds of dessert, ice cream, children eat to burst. two layer catering also good. room facilities more new, comfortable, Seaview room can see sea, but not near beach of that, left Wei State island of passenger terminal is near, walk 10 minutes, take votes convenient, back and forth also convenient. hotel also can provides double people bike, really than that what a State-owned enterprises of North Sea training center strong 100 times.
  • e00437583
    Was very close to terminals, facilities good, but too far from the beach, walking is not likely. buffet breakfast very good. buffet dinner at the hotel was good, kids love cotton candy and ice cream. swimming pool is small but very few rain can't go out on the last day of the stay, if there is children's playground in the hotel would be nice.
  • Benny845
    Feel good all day, mainly on the hotel services need to be strengthened, lived four rooms for two nights, two breakfasts, the waiter made a mistake at the gate that we like eat and drink mix. far from the Silver Beach, beach and hotels do not eat seafood, too expensive to kill people, eat native went to many places
  • BU3118 sell ah!
    Service was good, dress is ruined for us, we gift, do not care about how much value, attitude is important
  • ruyan0815
    Location General, to recently of Beach Park needed taxi, fare 15 Yuan, to North Sea Street fare 30 yuan, only for reference; near Terminal, but if with children and luggage words, walk past is test. room part with balcony, with balcony of room, area slightly small, layout reasonable; outdoor pool area slightly small, but is clean, Spa pool not open; breakfast taste can, even live 3 days, not for varieties; Chinese Office price good, service in place; arrived shop of lunch in WesternOffice of unpleasant things happened, Miss the kind and thoughtful, diluting the clouds in my heart, and housekeeper's letter, although interspersed with a few typos, but appear more cute, so I chose the recommended occupancy!
  • e00541902
    More importantly is near from the port, went to Weizhou island which is very convenient, but less fitness equipment, swimming pool is not
  • ivy19maomi
    Very satisfied
  • e00162177
    Very good, son particularly likes!
  • gdtulip
    As always, good.
  • bibi812
    Very satisfied with the experience, hotel services are in place, especially the room service very attentive, very close from the beach, out of traffic are convenient, impressions of Kaiyuan Group promoted a lot.
  • ayu1213
    That's good!
    Hotel is not good, is not too much like a five-star, but is very good in such a small place in the North Sea. distance from the beach
  • miya831
    Service is good
  • fatgogo
    Hotel facilities and services I'm satisfied, but too far from the distance Beach, walk for more than 20 minutes taxi does not hit the table, go to the beach a bit inconvenient.
  • bendan
    Convenient, very close to the ferry terminal. spacious rooms, health